How to modify product/customer information on MC Seller?

In the case of the black end by granting certain permissions, sales can modify product and customer information.

Updated at October 27th, 2023

Q: How to modify product/customer information on MC Seller?

A: You need to allow permissions on MC Boss first and you can modify on MC Seller.


Step 1: Allow permissions on MC Boss

Go to MC Boss → Tap More → Account management → Sales order → Select a sales account → Enable "Allow editing product/customer" → Set Limited time to edit

Reminder: The default limited time to edit product is for 1 day, which means that only products that have just been created for 1 day can be modified



Step 2: Modify on MC Seller

Modify product information: Go to MC Seller → Tap Search → Enter a reference that needs to be modified→ Slide right to show product information → Tap Edit → Tap Edit product information to modify → Save

Modify customer information: Go to MC Seller →Tap Order → Search clients that needs to be modified→ Tap Edit client → Save


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