How to invite customers to my MicroStore on MS Manager?

Updated at September 18th, 2023

Q: How to invite customers to my MicroStore on MS Manager?

Q: How to invite my customers if I don't speak their languages?

A: Go to MS Manager → Tap Store → Invite customers → APP → Send invitation link → Select a language → Select a sending method


Kind tips

1. WhatsApp has a rule for group messaging: you can only choose up to 5 customers at once for group messages.

2. After all new customers receive your invitation to join your MicroStore, they will need to fill out a new customer application form and send it. After you approve the application on MS Manager, customers will be able to place orders in your MicroStore.

3. Posting your MicroStore invitation link on your website, Facebook, and Instagram after your MicroStore is online can help you reach more clients. You can also send the tutorial link to your clients to help them access your store successfully.



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