How to create ABCD price for different types of customers?

Updated at November 29th, 2023

Q: How to create a new client and set type of customer? 

A: On MC Boss  → Tap Customer → + → Create new client → Select Types: Client → Select Scale: A/B/C/D  → Enter customer name & info 「 ✓ 」to save


Q: How to create A/B/C/D price on MC Boss?

A: On MC Boss  → Tap Product → + → Price → Enter A/B/C/D price 「 ✓ 」to save


Kind tips

1. You must have Business version of MC Boss to manage A/ B/ C/ D price feature.

2. The sales prices A/B/C/D will correspond to the customer scales A/B/C/D. For example, Type A customers will only see the sales price for A, and so on.




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