How to bind a second account of MC Boss?

How to get QR code of MC Boss?

Updated at December 8th, 2023

Q: I would like to have a second MC Boss account, how to log in?

A: First of all, you need to apply for with another mobile phone number, follow the next steps below

1. Contact us to apply for with another mobile phone number→ Get the verification code → Get the log in password 

2. Access to the main account of MC Boss, follow the instructions below to sign in using QR  code

Q: How to get QR code of MC Boss?

A: It's on your A1 account of MC Boss

A: Tap More → Account management → Manager → a2 → Open the QR code

3. Connect your second phone number on MC Boss → Enter password  → Scan the QR code on main account of MC Boss

Q: Can two people use one MC Boss account with two mobile devices?

A: Yes, but not at the same time, when the second person connects with the same account, the other person will log out automatically.

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