What is Microstore?

Updated at March 30th, 2021

Know MicroStore in 1 min!

MicroStore - The order receiving tool for fashion professionals

helps you to quickly achieve 3 objectives:

  • Allow existing clients order without visiting
  • Allow existing clients to receive new product notification automatically
  • Allow existing clients to view all your product via smartphone


75% of wholesalers, looking for distance selling, have found MicroStore as the best solution

What can MicroStore do?

If you read on so far, I'm guessing you're probably a sales manager in a company related to the fashion industry or an entrepreneur thinking about exploring new markets. 

The common thread would be that you agree that selling online is a necessary need. With MicroStore, we've helped companies like yours do two things very effectively:

MicroStore - Unleash your existing clients' potential

More than 60% of shoppers in retail stores in Europe prefer to obtain information by mobile phone before taking an order.

Previously, they used websites. Now they prefer mobile applications.

Buyers already know what they want, thanks to the application they can find out about the items without wasting the time of the sellers for small questions. 

Simply put descriptions of your items and realistic photos in MicroStore. That way, your customers can benefit from your online service. 

Your time is precious, make the most of it!

How to unleash your existing clients' potential?  Click here to find out.

Reaching new clients on your phone by using MicroStore

More than 67% of the population is using a mobile phone, the percentage is even higher in France (71%), Germany (75%), and Spain (87%). Obviously, your existing clients and potential clients are part of that group and mobile build a bridge between you and your clients.

Special Features of MicroStore

  • Easy and efficient 
    • Simple to deploy, the grip is fast. The application is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Auto-generated website
    • MicroStore offers an auto-generated website that will get the content from your MicroStore directly and sync. automatically.  Then you don't need an extra person to manage a website. 
  • New products notification
    • Driiing! NOTIFICATION! 
    • More than 90% of buyers won’t say no to receive new product notification! Especially, you have the highest chance to receive orders during this time. Just by one click, all your clients will receive new product notification on their phone.
  • WhatsApp & MicroStore
    • Connect your WhatsApp to MicroStore to serve your client on time to maximize your client satisfaction.
  • The promotional video
    • You can record a short promotional video to highlight every detail of your item. It's much more convincing than a photo.   
  • Multi-lingual interface
    • MicroStore supports 9 languages which can help you develop clients all over the world. 

How does MicroStore look like?

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