How to view MicroStore order on MC Seller?

Updated at August 24th, 2023

Q: Why can't I see the orders from MicroStore?

A: First, enable MC Seller permission to allow to check all orders

Go to MC Boss → Tap More → Account management → Tap "MC Seller"→ Select a seller account → Enable "Allow to check all orders" 

Q: Why can't MC Seller view MicroStore orders  even though MC Boss has enabled access to all orders for MC Seller?

A: First, synchronize on MC Seller → Tap More → Functions → Modify → Tap Synchronize/ Tap Synchronize for 2 secs → Confirm

Second, go to MC Seller → Tap History → Tap "Three lines" on top left corner → Select document type: Sales order → Tap All Origin and select: MicroStore 


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