MC App Price List

Updated at February 24th, 2021


3 versions of MC App: Standard, Advanced, Business

Each version will need at least one MC Boss and one MC Seller. The price for MC Boss is different in a different version, however, the price for MC Seller keeps the same.

You can choose a version based on your needs.

Then count how many people need MC Boss and how many people need MC Seller.

MC Boss -> For the management team, all clients' data and product data will be gathering here.

MC Seller -> For the salesperson. Daily uses with the functions of ordering and reporting.

How to calculate the final price?

Choose a version, then

User number * MC Boss price + user number * MC Seller price

Then you will have a monthly price,

Total price = monthly price * 12(month)


MC Boss 18€/user
MC Seller 18€/user
Order Management
Document printing (Order, Delivery note, Distribution list, Invoice)
Product and Client relationship management


MC Boss 35€/user
MC Seller 18€/user
All features in the Standard version are included. ☑️
Customer transaction analysis

Commodity packaging and material management

Order label and cash register label


MC Boss 58€/user
MC Seller 18€/user
All features in the Advanced version are included.  ☑️
Commodity trading & profit and loss analysis

Supplier and purchase management

Customer ABCD price management and historical purchase price

Barcode management and printing

Reservation and pre-sale management

Commodity size management

Order link sharing

Support multi-warehouse and multi-store, one store and multi-store (central warehouse distribution mode)
Return management


In MicroStore Manager, you can send product albums to customers
In the invoice system, you can generate invoices with one click
Document PDF & Excel generator

Q: Can one management account be installed on multiple phones or iPads?

Yes, but one device will log out while another device logs in.

Q: Can I pay monthly?

No, we accept annual payment.

Q: Is there a trial period?

We offer a 14-day free trial.

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