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Updated at March 15th, 2023

Speak the bold truth!

If you have seen the article ‘MicroStore - the best tool to develop your online selling market.’ but still don’t feel that you have the ability to develop a new online market well. Don’t worry, take your time! 

You can start with the existing clients to accumulate online service experience so that you can optimize your online store within a short time. 

3 Goals

  • Allow existing clients order without visiting
  • Allow existing clients to receive new product notification automatically
  • Allow existing clients to know all your product with a smartphone


Nowadays, most of the clients are having high tolerance which can accept unprofessional parts and inaccurate inventory. 

Some existing clients might even tell you where you should change to help you do better.

What are the advantages?

  • ‘Wake-up call’ to infrequent clients
  • You will not forget to send product photos to small clients.
  • Receive more incremental order online from existing clients
  • Release employees’ work of sending photos. Then they have more time to deal with orders and serve clients in your shop.
  • If you can serve the existing clients remotely, then naturally you have part of the ability to develop an online selling market.

It’s easy to release the existing clients’ potential! All you need to do every day is just one thing: let each client who walked into your shop write their contact info down!

Even if you have more than 10 years of wholesale business experience or served few millions of clients, it won’t count as you own qualified clients if you don’t have their email address, phone number, and WeChat/WhatsApp. Please read the example below to understand how important to have clients’ contact information.

A real case study

Wholesaler A started his women's clothes business from 2017. In recent years, wholesaler A required all his employees to ask the contact information of each client. No matter the client is big or small and no matter the client bought the product or not, it’s a mandatory rule for all walked in clients.

The reason they give is: we will receive our new product soon! Let me send the photos to you right after! 

The result is: most of the clients will share their contact info with wholesaler A.

Until the MicroStore online (May 2020), wholesaler A has collected around 8600 qualified clients. 

They spend less than 1 week for MicroStore preparation, including count the inventory, input product information, and upload the product images. After everything is done, wholesaler A started to send messages to 8600 clients. 20% of the clients installed the MicroStore application after they received the message, especially 7% of those people who made an order on the day they installed the MicroStore.

Achievements on the first opening day of MicroStore: 

8600 X 20% =  1720 persons installation 

1720 X 7% =  120 persons made orders

They really made an auspicious start with innumerable orders! The pain is happy!

In the new few days, more and more clients joined MicroStore which is the power of qualified clients’ contact information. 

Detail makes their MicroStore online sales performance different!

The clients who you can build the connection are your qualified clients. Otherwise, there is no value for you!

Qualified clients’ contact information is a profitable asset for your business! 

In the internet age, clients are the seeds, products are the soil, and online services are the sunshine and water. Everything works together to grow your business.

What you should do now?

Collect your clients (seeds) by using MicroStore!

  • Stick the QR code of your MicroStore in your shop and ask all your clients scan the QR code to fill their information. This is the most direct way to build the connection. 
  • Put your MicroStore invitation link in all of your social media, like Instagram and Facebook to collect clients (seeds) automatically.
  • Add the MicroStore link in your email signature
  • Add the MicroStore link to where you can collect client contact information 

MicroStore have the soil that the clients need, add with the appropriate sunshine and water allows every clients (seeds) germinate🌱.

  • Every time you have new product, your clients will receive notifications automatically
  • Every time when client wants to check product, he will use the MicroStore application
  • That’s how the clients (seeds) germinate

Yes, all the wholesalers who use MicroStore do follow all the steps!

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